Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Out! Damned spot!

So, I have just bought, at great expense, three Persian carpets with almost white backgrounds and ... my two black cats have started molting.  There is fine black hair everywhere and the only way to cope with it is to vacuum.  Water just pushes it into corners and sweeping sends it floating all over the place.

Any way, here is a picture of my wool-on-silk bedroom rug.  I stood on the bed, wobbling woefully, to take the picture and even then I was not able to focus straight down so it looks a bit wider on one side.  No matter; Click on the picture to enlarge it.

The apartment residents have all received a notice suggesting that we clean our sliding louvres with warm soapy water every four weeks.  I must admit that mine are filthy at the moment and I had intended to clean them in the near future but every four weeks??  I have just spent the morning on my knees cleaning the tracks of the sliding doors.  The louvres should be easier, they are not full of unreachable crannies, and I have yet to tackle the balcony floor.  I need to get rid of my pot plants because they never get any sun and they are pale shadows of themselves  -  except for the parsley and Parsifal is working his way through that; he has all but demolished the thyme.

I have found a shop which sells fake geraniums, fake box trees and fake palm trees and as soon as I have worked out what to do with all my potting mix I shall go colourful in pots on the balcony.  Parsifal has his cat grass ...

I realise that I rarely mention Poppy.  She is a darling little cat, very cuddly and who thinks that her life's work is to be a lap cat.  Unfortunately she has a voice likely to wake the dead and she uses it to good effect when she loses her favourite toy which is a small pink silk flower which she removed from an arrangement which I have in my bedroom.  She hides it, forgets where she put it and then yowls until I get up and search for it or until she forgets about it again.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The BIG rug

Below is a picture of the big rug which I have bought for the sitting area in my apartment. Click on  the image to enlarge it.

I have also purchased a small rug for my bedroom.  It is wool on silk and very fine knotting.  The colours are just right for the room  -  Thank you Amir  -  and I love it but it was very expensive. I'll post a photo of it when I take one.  It only arrived late yesterday as it needed a minor repair.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Oh, what a feeling

Herself and I went carpet buying today and we chose a lovely Tabriz which seems to pick up all the colours in the sitting area of the big room.  I also bought a small black and pale, pale, green rug which is by the front door.  It has a much lower knot count and generally looks more like a tribal copy.  But it looks very pretty in the hallway and the cats love it.

I have taken some photos and will post them but the light is not brilliant at the moment so I will try again tomorrow morning when it is brighter.

This is Parsifal sitting on the big rug.  (Click on the picture to enlarge)

The carpet man condemned the Bukhara in my bedroom and is trying to find something which matches the colour scheme.  He brought a couple to try when he came back with the underlay but neither was the right colour so he is going to bring another, silk-based, more expensive one,  which he thinks will match better.  We will see; there is no hurry.

Herself bought me lunch and as the place she had chosen was full to overflowing we came back here to The Duchess where they have a lunch menu of entree and main course with a glass of wine for a set price.  We both had calamari for starters and I had the best pepper steak I have ever eaten.  I shall certainly go there again.

The cats are getting big and are now Eleven months old.  I have started them on a mix of kitten and standard food and they are not very happy about it but I am sure that they will eat it when they get hungry enough.  They are very excited about the new carpets and Parsifal had to be shut out on the balcony because he was rolling on them before they had even been properly spread on the floor and kept getting in the way, refusing to be held; he was determined to help Amir the carpet man.