Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chaos at COTA? NEVER !!!!!

OK kids - here is your next helpful hint from the book "Cyberflirt" (ISBN 0-452-28054-0).

Choose Option D in the questionaire

I said last time that they are rather strange ... you were warned.

Because Himself is 'down south' this week COTA phoned me to ask if I could double up with two clients tomorrow. As I have a client with depression and memory problems I needed to know if she would be one of the double-ups as she needs gentle handling and full attention. The booking clerk said not to worry and that she had just cancelled Himself's client, that I was fully booked until the end of next month when we go into recess ... except for the man who was coming in on 10th December for four (4) hours of Excel because he wanted to get a special project finished this year.

I had told her that I had agreed to teach him Excel, although I wasn't all that happy about it as my spreadsheets have come down from my very first computer with only minor adjustments. I can create new spreadsheets and suspect that he wants to create a template on the cheap. But four hours all at once, when I am supposed to be having a break, was all a bit much and she hadn't consulted me about it. If she had then we might have been able to work out a compromise since all the 'guides' are fully booked until the end of next month - except Himself who only does two hours per week and has no clients on 30th November.

I suggested that Himself could give the man two hours on 30th but he has paid for four and wants all his hours this year. *sigh* Not my problem - I am only a volunteer. One of the difficulties is that the person who does the bookings is not there on the days I go in and things are usually in a dreadful muddle with no-one quite knowing who is coming in - or even if they are coming. There is surely a better way ...

Monday, October 12, 2009

I have hauled out a book called CYBERFLIRT ...

I have discovered my list of things to do in order to "Attract anyone, anywhere on the World Wide Web". From time to time I will post a hint for those looking for romance. Some of them don't make sense but obviously they did when I copied them out so here goes:

Make sure that you are female.

Hmmmm - that is fine if you actually ARE female and are looking for a man but not so good if you are a man looking for a female. I see that I need to read the book again because the next one makes no sense at all. Next time ...

Yesterday I got the all-clear from The Embroiderer. Everything is in place and none of his stitches have broken so I have been discharged unless any more problems turn up. Yeah ...

Himself is back from overseas and has had to take over from The Doctor at COTA whose wife is still in need of rehabilitation. It is quite like old times but I don't know what is going to happen when The Doctor is able to come back but that is unlikely to happen until next year at this stage.

I have been trying to keep ahead of the weeds growing in the garden and failing dismally. The weather has warmed up and it is still raining every so often so they are popping up all over the place. D2 came to stay for one night while her apaartment was having its floor sanded and she spent a day tidying up. She does a great job but tends to leave everything heaped up and needing sorting. Never mind - she cleared the paths and chopped back some branches which were in the way. She also went around the paths with a bottle of glyphosate spraying each individual weed so now I have to wait to see which ones die and which she missed.

I was reluctant to spray the paths on account of Boy-cat but she has no such hang-ups. He went off his food so I have put him onto soft stuff which he seems to prefer now. The problem is that the one I bought the most of is the one which he doesn't like all that much but it is what he is getting anyway because the vet is out of the preferred food. He has enough body fat to carry him for a few days and when he is hungry enough he will eat it.

Family Tree Maker has sent me FTM16 which I hope will allow me to upload my main tree which hasn't been upgraded since 2007. I'll install it as soon as I have backed up all my trees onto the laptop. The laptop is currently upgrading itself so it is going to be a while before I can get onto it and if FTM16 doesn't allow me to upload then people will just have to contact me for any additional information. I have recently been contacted by a descendant of the brother of my great x 5 grandfather - 1706 in Hamburg. I posted a request for information about his brother who died in British New York in America. The most remote relative I have so far connected with. She promised to send any information which she has but hasn't done so - perhaps because she really doesn't know what happened that far back but I would like the info for my Samler tree if she can get it.