Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Light at the end of the tunnel?

"Claremont Residences II is complete, we currently await titles to be issued
by Landgate and expect this to take place shortly. Following that, settlements
will commence. As soon as titles have been issued, we will be in contact with
all purchasers."

The above notification appeared on Multiplex's website this morning so maybe we will be able to settle and move in before too much longer. According to the Spokesperson, an announcement will be made "towards the end of this week" and their legal team is working with Landgate.

We have had another day of very heavy rain but no gale-force winds as predicted. It will be nice to move from here; the weeds are having a field day and I feel responsible for removing them. My poor house; it has been good to me and will be demolished which makes me feel sad but the upkeep is overwhelming on a weatherboard house 110 years old and the thought that it would be due to be painted again in a couple of years is very daunting.

Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm still here ...

I emailed the Multiplex Rep with some suggestions for an update on their "Living Club" site and received an email back telling me that their Legal Team was negotiating with Landgate and that we would get an update on Friday with whatever news is available. Not good ...

I am still playing Pirates but am stuck near the end of the first game/chapter. The problem is that things have to be done very much in order and even with a cheat sheet I keep on getting lost in the jungle and can't find the Clam Shells which will change the winds to allow me to get off Flotsam Island.

We had a wild storm with lots of rain on 24th and another is predicted for tomorrow morning - this time with strong winds but not as much rain. In between times it has been much too warm for mid-winter but that is because if the north winds which herald the really bad storms.

I'd better go and batten down the hatches ... it is supposed to hit us very early tomorrow.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Pirate games

I'm still here and at this stage there is no sign that I will be moving any time soon. I must say that it is getting me down a bit.

However, I discovered that there is a new Monkey Island game available so I bought it and a couple of other games which I haven't loaded yet and I have been happily playing pirates for the last few days. I have discovered a cheat site which I need as there is on-one to ask any more and some of the clues are a bit too subtle for me and I would still be wandering around the jungle without help. As it was, the first place I looked didn't give enough detail to allow me to find the treasure but the second place I tried gave very explicit instructions so I now have a ship and all I need to do is to get the wind to change. There are five games on the CD so that should keep me entertained for a while and maybe, by the time I get home to Elaine, Multiplex will have finally allowed us all to move in.

I had morning tea with D3 and GD1 on Saturday, which was nice and D2 will be home tomorrow.

Friday, June 10, 2011

... and the good news is

The buyers of my house want me to stay here for as long as it takes as they are not yet ready to move in and it saves them the hassle of finding a short-term tenant. I have emailed the Multiplex spokesperson who, I must say, has been bending over backwards to accommodate me, had I been obliged to move from here before the titles to the apartments are issued.

Now I only need to contact the removalists to let them know that it will almost certainly be July before I can move. Things are finally starting to fall into place.

Himself will be back tonight but D2 will not be back from her European jaunt until 21st June.

I'm still living in what was my own house

I have to be out of here in two weeks unless I can come to a further arrangement with the new owners of this house. I will talk to them when I go around teh corner to pay the rent for the next two weeks.

However, Multiplex says that they are waiting for the titles to be issued and settlement will be three weeks after that date. But they know that I am supposed to be out of here by 24th June and say that they will either try to get me into my apartment early or will, if necessary, accommodate me in an empty apartment in Stage I until I can shift across.

Life would be much easier if I could either stay here or move in early but I am at least covered, whatever the outcome. Yesterday the settlement agent told me that Multiplex hadn't applied for the titles yet so if I am to believe everyone, the applications went in this morning.

I emailed the Cat Lady a couple of days ago and there will be a litter of Bombay kittens born in about seven weeks so hopefully I will get a pair by about D1's birthday. That is the good news.

So now I just have to sit tight and wait for a couple of weeks and then all will be made clear to me one way or another.

Himself will be back tomorrow evening, which will be nice and hopefully he will have a couple of clients on Thursday and I will get his news.

This post is being typed on the ghost computer (Bradamante) and the page is not showing properly so I hope that it will look better on Hex.