Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm still living in what was my own house

I have to be out of here in two weeks unless I can come to a further arrangement with the new owners of this house. I will talk to them when I go around teh corner to pay the rent for the next two weeks.

However, Multiplex says that they are waiting for the titles to be issued and settlement will be three weeks after that date. But they know that I am supposed to be out of here by 24th June and say that they will either try to get me into my apartment early or will, if necessary, accommodate me in an empty apartment in Stage I until I can shift across.

Life would be much easier if I could either stay here or move in early but I am at least covered, whatever the outcome. Yesterday the settlement agent told me that Multiplex hadn't applied for the titles yet so if I am to believe everyone, the applications went in this morning.

I emailed the Cat Lady a couple of days ago and there will be a litter of Bombay kittens born in about seven weeks so hopefully I will get a pair by about D1's birthday. That is the good news.

So now I just have to sit tight and wait for a couple of weeks and then all will be made clear to me one way or another.

Himself will be back tomorrow evening, which will be nice and hopefully he will have a couple of clients on Thursday and I will get his news.

This post is being typed on the ghost computer (Bradamante) and the page is not showing properly so I hope that it will look better on Hex.

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