Monday, May 30, 2011

I do not like my new computer

I do not like my new computer! Some of the things from my old computer will not open and it has reverted to only giving me one choice of programs to open them in. If I get it wrong I don't get a second guess. XP didn't do that and allowed as many guesses as it took to find the correct program.

And I don't particularly like the new keyboard which goes with it - although I am getting used to it. And I don't like the ghost version of XP so I'll probably get The computer Whisperer to take it off and upgrade my Family Tree Maker instead.

The house sale has gone through and the money is sitting in my bank account, although it still doesn't show online, and still I am sitting here waiting for the OK to move house. As far as I know, the titles have not yet been issued although they are supposed to all be done "towards the end of May". My settlement agent says that as soon as the titles are issued I should be able to settle because it is a cash transaction but I am not holding my breath on that one. If everything I have been told is true then I will be on the move tomorrow; another fairy story.

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