Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Promises, promises ...

Things are moving along here finally. The titles for the new apartments are set to be issued at the end of this month but they are still collecting data such as names of banks and mortgages so I am not holding my breath on that one. My settlement agent for the apartment says that, because I don't have a mortgage I should be able to settle as soon as the titles are issued. I'm not holding my breath on that one either as that takes us to Wednesday or Thursday of next week.

The Removalists have given me an acceptable quote but their delivery destination is impossibly incorrect. They would have to charge me for storage while they searched the suburbs for it.

My internet provider says that I will have to downgrade to ADSL-1 as the new place cannot sustain ADSL-2 but they have all the details and are ready to connect me when I move. Techie will set things up for me and build me a new computer which is much smaller and can carry both Win 7 abnd XP. He has fixed my main computer, which lost Internet Explorer, by getting in via Firefox and downloading IE8. However, it is noticably slow compared to my little Win 7 laptop, which I rather like. It has a 'compatibility' button.

Tomorrow the buyers of this house will be coming for a pre-settlement check. I am not sure what that will involve; I suppose that it will depend on what they intend to do with the house in the short term. If they are going to demolish it when I move out then it may be foolish to have the windows cleaned and the carpets shampooed. But I have a little list ...

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