Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Letting go slowly

Yesterday I signed the property transfer papers so the house is hardly mine any more. When the buyers settle on 27th it will be properly gone. However, I am allowed to rent back for two weeks with the option of another two weeks extension if I need it. Hopefully I won't.

I also decided yesterday to bury the ashes of the two cats in the garden where they spent so much of their lives. I worked out a place which is unlikely to be disturbed by whatever is to be done with the property. As I still had their little silk bags and their boxes I have kept back a small sample of the ashes which I will take with me. I can't just throw them in the bin.

Yesterday I also received a letter from the Water Corporation informing me that I would have to re-apply for concessions on water and Council rates. Information from the Multiplex spokesperson appears to point to pooled rates which become part of the Strata fees so I will lose the concessions. Water and electricity useage is paid separately via remotely read meters but gas is billed for the whole building jointly.

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