Saturday, April 30, 2011

Still no word from Multiplex

I've still had no word from Multiplex regarding settlement but I will be staying on here, renting the house for two weeks with provision to extend it by another two weeks so moving will, hopefully, be a leisurely process.

D2 and I went to the "Grand Opening" of the Claremont Centre. It was an exclusive "300 guests by invitation only" cocktail party where we were served warmish French champagne to the unbelievable noise of an amplified band which precluded any sort of conversation and with not enough food to counter the alcohol until we started making serious efforts to catch the attention of the food carriers.

We left at about the time they started bringing on the cocktails and, one would hope, more substantial food to mop up the spirits. D2 was on call from midnight and I didn't want to stay any longer.

This weekend is a council junk and green-stuff collection and I am amazed at how little there is left to get rid of; except, of course, the old paint cans. However, the person on the desk at the Council offices assured me that the transfer station in Shenton park would take them - at a price.

Herself has taken me to a furniture fabric shop and an upholsterer just around the corner from the fabrics and I have delivered the barrel-back chairs to be prettied up. They should look gorgeous when they are done and the colour should blend in with the seats of the dining-room chairs so they can live in the dining-room when we move.

Himself is going overseas for six weeks, flying out this evening. I had assumed that I would have been truly settled into the new apartment by the time he gets back but I suspect that I might still be here. He is, amongst other things, visiting Malta for the testing for his doctorate. I wish him well.

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