Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Things are starting to fall into place, finally

Things are finally starting to settle into place and the only thing which is still uncertain is the settlement date for the apartment. However, the Multiplex contact person told me that Multiplex is aware that I would like settlement for the apartment to take place after settlement for the house, so that means the last couple of days of May or into June.

I have booked into the Swanbourne B & B from 24th May to give the removalists and cleaners a free go and have said that I will be there for at least a week, possibly longer.

Most of the stuff I am not taking with me is either already taken or is promised but I will need a mini-skip to remove the odd bricks and broken buckets and pots.

Last Friday, Herself and I were allowed in to measure up the apartment. It is big and white with the most fabulous views of the river but I was rather dismayed with the kitchen which is galley style and the oven and microwave are at knee level which will mean getting down very low until I have familiarised myself with the microwave's controls.

I also felt concerned that I was going to lose my bed, with its all-white bedding , so I have bought some new quilt covers to add a bit of colour. I have also bought an entertainment unit which is very big and extremely heavy and is not particularly beautiful but somehow looks as though it will be 'right' in the room.

I still need to contact iinet and the removalists but will wait until after easter to get quotes as they tend to only hold for four weeks. All in all I am starting to feel much more relaxed about the move but still looking forward to getting it over and done with.

Click on the pictures to see them in their full glory ...

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