Friday, March 18, 2011

I have done everything I can ...

Today I went to West Perth to the girl who is doing the settlement for this house and handed over all the relevant documents. Now I just have to wait until the money is deposited in my account but I am still not sure which day. She said 27th May so I am working with that date and have emailed a request to the Boarding House of my choice and asked about the availability of a room from the 25th or 26th May until such time as Multiplex decides that I can move into the new apartment, whenever that may be. Their latest date is "towards the end of May".

My ex's brother died on Monday evening (today is Friday) and the family is converging from all corners of the world so it will probably be a fairly large affair. D1 is flying over from Sydney on Tuesday evening and is staying until Sunday morning which will be lovely ... except that she will not be happy with me refusing to use the kitchen for anything which might need cleaning before I move out. I have been invited to sit with the family; not sure that I really want to but so many of them are friends that no doubt I will join them in the front rows. There is to be a Wake afterwards ...

More on all that at a later date.

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