Sunday, May 19, 2013

In the Pink

I spent yesterday afternoon trying to come to terms with my Windows 8 tablet.  I have changed the background colour to pink (what else?) and put my 'Minnie la Rose' picture as my start icon. 

I have also discovered how to find My Documents and My Pictures which is a big step forward.  One problem is that the shortcuts which my 'how-to' book keeps mentioning do not work so I am having to find other ways of doing things.  I am dreading the day when I have to teach someone else to use Win 8, Win8a or Win 9 which is a certainty since Win 8 is a disaster on desktop computers.

However, it has some good games and I am wasting a great deal of time playing a game called Montezuma's Revenge which is more addictive even than Angry Birds.

The day before yesterday I discovered that Parsifal (who else) had bitten through the cord of my mobile phone recharger so I had to go downstairs and buy another one.  He has never shown any interest in electrical cords so I was rather dismayed but it was a very fine cord and he loves playing with bits of wire so perhaps he thought that it was just another one of those.

I am going to have to talk to an animal behaviourist and the one recommended by D2 doesn't seem to be available.  First he was away for a year and now he is not answering his phone or emails.  D2 has given me the name and number of a vet who is branching out so my next move will be to phone her and see if she has any better ideas than turkey chickens and frozen rats.  He has lots of toys, chewy food and his own blankie to smurgle on so chicken necks or wings might be all I can do and I am not keen on that because of the hard-to-clean tiling in the apartment.

Any readers with suggestions  -  I would welcome any comments.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Parsifal the Bold

Whoever said that Bombay cats are bred for apartment living and are a good choice for the elderly has never met Parsifal.

This was his yesterday:

As I think that I have mentioned in an earlier post, when I go to the loo he hops in the bath in expectation that I will turn on the tap for him to play with the water.  Yesterday morning he put a paw into the drain-hole and managed to tangle one of his claws around the metal grid thingy.  He sat there quietly with the cold water running over his paw until I noticed that he wasn't doing his usual 'dab, wet and flick' and untangled him.

As it was a teaching day for me I left the apartment at 9.00am and was away for almost five hours.  When I arrived home Poppy was very agitated and I couldn't find him at all.  I went through the apartment opening every cupboard and drawer and found him on a shelf in my wardrobe.  He seemed to have been quite comfortable there on a pile of clean clothes.  I had assumed that he was in his black-lined igloo where hs becomes invisible.  Note to self:  Remember to count heads.

Last evening, in my study, he managed to climb up a set of five shelves containing stationery and computers (I have five) and was aiming to jump from there to the top of my bookcase which contains a precarious pile of throw-away shopping bags which I am now going to have to actually throw away.  I rescued him from the stationery shelves amid falling air dusters and CDs.

He is gorgeous and I love him to bits but he is a bit of a worry; and I still haven't contacted the animal behaviourist about his pica, a problem which is contained at the moment.  At least he doesn't chew electrical cords; I once had a cat who did and that really was a worry.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Problem solved

I went out and bought another kitten igloo this morning and put it in my bedroom next to Poppy's igloo.  Parsifal immediately abandoned Poppy's and claimed the new one ... which is what I hoped would happen.

Just catching up on an earlier post  -  my DVD player had died which is why I was getting no sound so Ashe, the technician, advised me to get a Bluetooth DVD player.  It was very cheap and works so I have been doing 'Yoga with Julie' every couple of days.  And Australia went digital on 2nd of this month and I can finally get a good radio reception up here in my seven storeys of concrete.

Apropos of the Slush file, I found a map of the 'Hundred of Onkaparinga' so, to a degree, we have been able to work out where the Martin Block went.  Unfortunately, Great Uncle C's part is mostly off the map.  Bro put in the current roads and coloured Great Uncle R's portion and what there was of Great Uncle C's portion.  We still don't know how their sister ended up with a fairly large part of the block.  My brother's comment:

"The family owned a hell of a lot of land!!"

The puzzle is that our grandfather was not left any of it so how did he end up with any at all ... or was he simply a tenant farmer?

The more I delve into the goings on in the family the more puzzles I turn up.  There has got to be a finishing point somewhere but it is so far away that I can't see it.  I suspect that there may have been a tweaking of the will as my grandfather and his twin brother were born within wedlock and therefore legitimate and entitled to part of the inheritance even though they were little cuckoos in the nest.

Here is a photo of both cats.  Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Sunday, May 5, 2013


My balance is rather off at the moment and when doing yoga I am having trouble with the standing poses (I keep falling over) so I decided to try out Restorative Yoga today.  It was very nice and gentle with mostly lying around on bolsters in various, mostly twisted, poses and breathing love, peace etc.  It was all very restful but I usually need to stretch out more.  I have a DVD which I can do at home where falling over doesn't matter but one of the poses on the DVD needs a block so I bought one on my way out and will try it out tomorrow if the mood moves me.

Parsifal has started sharing Poppy's igloo and they curl up together and keep warm but she is reluctant to get into it when he is there already and she doesn't use his igloo ever.  Most of their beds are never used so I might bundle them all up and put them in the store room.  I need to do a grand clean-out sometime and take all the extraneous stuff to the transfer centre.  It is a bit hard to get to at the moment as there are road-works set to trap the unwary all over Claremont.

With the cooler weather supposed to be here now that we are into May, Parsifal decided to check out the dryer and I managed to get a photo of him performing yet another facet of his desire to help his Mum with the housework.  Click on the picture to enlarge it.