Sunday, May 5, 2013


My balance is rather off at the moment and when doing yoga I am having trouble with the standing poses (I keep falling over) so I decided to try out Restorative Yoga today.  It was very nice and gentle with mostly lying around on bolsters in various, mostly twisted, poses and breathing love, peace etc.  It was all very restful but I usually need to stretch out more.  I have a DVD which I can do at home where falling over doesn't matter but one of the poses on the DVD needs a block so I bought one on my way out and will try it out tomorrow if the mood moves me.

Parsifal has started sharing Poppy's igloo and they curl up together and keep warm but she is reluctant to get into it when he is there already and she doesn't use his igloo ever.  Most of their beds are never used so I might bundle them all up and put them in the store room.  I need to do a grand clean-out sometime and take all the extraneous stuff to the transfer centre.  It is a bit hard to get to at the moment as there are road-works set to trap the unwary all over Claremont.

With the cooler weather supposed to be here now that we are into May, Parsifal decided to check out the dryer and I managed to get a photo of him performing yet another facet of his desire to help his Mum with the housework.  Click on the picture to enlarge it.

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