Thursday, May 9, 2013

Parsifal the Bold

Whoever said that Bombay cats are bred for apartment living and are a good choice for the elderly has never met Parsifal.

This was his yesterday:

As I think that I have mentioned in an earlier post, when I go to the loo he hops in the bath in expectation that I will turn on the tap for him to play with the water.  Yesterday morning he put a paw into the drain-hole and managed to tangle one of his claws around the metal grid thingy.  He sat there quietly with the cold water running over his paw until I noticed that he wasn't doing his usual 'dab, wet and flick' and untangled him.

As it was a teaching day for me I left the apartment at 9.00am and was away for almost five hours.  When I arrived home Poppy was very agitated and I couldn't find him at all.  I went through the apartment opening every cupboard and drawer and found him on a shelf in my wardrobe.  He seemed to have been quite comfortable there on a pile of clean clothes.  I had assumed that he was in his black-lined igloo where hs becomes invisible.  Note to self:  Remember to count heads.

Last evening, in my study, he managed to climb up a set of five shelves containing stationery and computers (I have five) and was aiming to jump from there to the top of my bookcase which contains a precarious pile of throw-away shopping bags which I am now going to have to actually throw away.  I rescued him from the stationery shelves amid falling air dusters and CDs.

He is gorgeous and I love him to bits but he is a bit of a worry; and I still haven't contacted the animal behaviourist about his pica, a problem which is contained at the moment.  At least he doesn't chew electrical cords; I once had a cat who did and that really was a worry.

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