Monday, April 22, 2013

The flu didn't fly

I think that it took me longer to get over the post-flu depression than it did to recover from the flu itself.  It was only yesterday that I woke up feeling normal and I was talking to the Toe-cutter's wife this morning and it sounds as though she had the same thing as I did.

Poppy has finally discovered the water fountain.  Up until now she has considered it to be an emmissary from the devil come to suck out her brains but today she was trying to drink out of the running water.  She has never really been interested in running water; not like Parsifal.  Whenever I go to the loo and wash my hands afterwards he jumps into the bath and looks hopefully at the tap because the hot-water tap over the bath is the fastest way to bring hot water to the master bathroom and I run it before I have a shower.

Yesterday I went out and bought myself an electric soup maker which I am looking forward to using.  It is fully automatic if you get the quantities right so I have to go shopping with a list so that I can see how high the solids come up before I add the liquid.

I bought myself a yoga DVD today, only to find that the DVD player no longer has sound.  I don't think that the sound was ever connected when I got the new TV but someone is coming next Tuesday to sese if I am pushing the wrong buttons or if Liam never got around to connecting it in the first place.

Cousin N. has sent me some old photographs of my great grandmother on my father's side with her bevy of daughters and nieces.  It took me most of the morning to get them edited and tweaked but it is nice to have them.  The photo I already have of my grandmother is authenticated but she was much prettier in the latest pictures; younger and more comfortably situated; still single and still living in the city.