Saturday, May 28, 2011

Five computers seems to be a bit excessive

Techie arrived this morning with a new computer for me; it is tiny - about the size of a thick laptop so that makes five computers I currently own. He is going to get me an external drive or something to load all the data onto just in case I want something which was not transferred across.

The new one, Hex, has Win 7 as its operating system but has a virtual XP as well so that I can still use my Family Tree Maker. I haven't learnt how to work it properly yet and had to do a forced shutdown this evening as I could not get rid of it.

The settlement for the house went off without a hitch and I have two weeks rent money to hand over. I am hoping that it will be enough and that I will be out of here by that time; but I am not holding my breath. Himself has offered to cross his toes, not having a great deal of hair to braid, bless him ...

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