Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm still here ...

I emailed the Multiplex Rep with some suggestions for an update on their "Living Club" site and received an email back telling me that their Legal Team was negotiating with Landgate and that we would get an update on Friday with whatever news is available. Not good ...

I am still playing Pirates but am stuck near the end of the first game/chapter. The problem is that things have to be done very much in order and even with a cheat sheet I keep on getting lost in the jungle and can't find the Clam Shells which will change the winds to allow me to get off Flotsam Island.

We had a wild storm with lots of rain on 24th and another is predicted for tomorrow morning - this time with strong winds but not as much rain. In between times it has been much too warm for mid-winter but that is because if the north winds which herald the really bad storms.

I'd better go and batten down the hatches ... it is supposed to hit us very early tomorrow.

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