Monday, September 28, 2009

Chaos at COTA

Last Thursday was chaos at the computer lounge; so what is new!! Next Thursday could be worse ...

The Doctor's wife is ill and needs extensive rehabilitation so he didn't come in and I was on my own. The problem was that nobody had told the Thursday receptionist, and whoever it is who does the bookings had canceled two of the clients with just a light pencilled crosses next to their names. I arrived to find that there were six client records laid out for me although I only had time for four - I have doubled up before but that is not at all satisfactory, least of all to me since it makes me feel as though none of us has achieved anything. Anyway, only four clients turned up so that was OK. However, one of my clients wasn't able to make it (I had two new ones) which means that there is going to be an extra one if he is back and everyone else turns up.

Now The Boss Lady has gone on holidays. Himself is arriving back from overseas tomorrow evening and has agreed to fill in for now. Thursday morning was always his spot but he has been away overseas for most of this year and The Doctor had replaced him. I am not sure if anyone has been told that he only works mornings so tomorrow I am going to have to phone and make sure that no-one is booked in to him for the afternoon but I suspect that between us we will have seven clients. Boss Lady said that she would organise things from home since she will be checking her email on a daily basis and hopefully she has made sure that no-one is booked for him in the afternoon.

And the clocks on the computers have gone haywire again. They are four minutes fast and refuse to be corrected. They were working for a while but they are obviously determined to do their own thing. I sometimes think that the whole setup is bewitched but perhaps non-profit organisations are always this disorganised ...

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