Saturday, May 22, 2010

Yet another computer?

After struggling with the COTA computer for yet another series of lessons for Seniors I finally bit the bullet and, since Hardly Normal is having a four-day 'big' computer sale, I decided to bite the bullet and get a new computer with Windows 7. After reading up on Windows 7 I discovered that it is very difficult to upgrade from XP to Win 7, so instead of converting minimegs I now have four computers. I have named this one minerva after my first three computers as I no longer had a minerva and it is the historic name from which almost all my online names, and the names of my other computers, originate

The one I bought is a compaq and I also bought an extended warranty, Trend Micro because I don't like Norton, and Blink so that I should be able to access the internet from COTA. Not sure how it will all work with my wireless network here at home but if all else fails I can get Techie2 or Techie1 to come in and sort out the mess if I get into too much of a muddle.

Meanwhile - having got things going I am now in the process of making backup discs so that I can go back to the original settings if all else fails. No longer do you get a disc with your computer - you have to make it yourself and this one is taking all morning and three DVD discs.

Hopefully I will be able to transfer my Digger program and FTM onto minerva because XP will not be around forever.

Your Cyberflirt hint for today:

What goes around in cyberspace comes around. Be aware of the kind of signals you are sending.

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