Friday, June 18, 2010

Silence is golden

For six days, just recently (two days?) I have had no voice at all, just a sort of strained whisper if I had to make myself heard. I had laryngitis and suddenly being unable to use the telephone and to have difficulty even face-to-face is incredibly frustrating.

However, not feeling up to doing much I got on with my genealogy research and of course,
sod's Law came into effect and my computer stopped being very co-operative. I was able to bring up web pages eventually but it took a couple of refreshes and was very slow. I defragged, error checked, switched off my modem at regular intervals and eventually emailed my IP who emailed back that they had checked and tweaked my settings and that it was nothing to do with them.

Strangely, things went a bit better after that and after another try at turning my modem off, lo and behold, I suddenly had a co-operative, fast computer again. And my voice is back, albeit sexily husky at the moment so I can use the phone, email and surf again. Life is good ...

Your unusual word for the day [I hope that there are scrabble players reading this]:

Pyknic - [a] (Pronounced the same as picnic.) Short and squat in build, with small hands and feet, short limbs and neck, a round face and domed abdomen. "I see that he has the true pyknic build," you remark to Althea about her new and proudly displayed baby; 'strange - I thought that was always inherited. Heavens, I don't suppose ... ?'

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