Thursday, August 26, 2010

So many books ...

I have finally sorted through my books and have about 100 to be donated to the Save the Children Fund; I am just waiting for some boxes which I will, hopefully, collect from Himself on Saturday night when I go there for a party to celebrate a couple of things. I have asked for, and been promised, the boxes which the wine comes in as they are just the right size, i.e. not too heavy when full of books.

My new Kobo e-reader arrived a couple of days ago and I have set it up and bought my first e-book which I am enjoying. It takes a bit of getting used to and I miss the 'bookish' feeling but I have to be realistic about the number of books I can take with me and the number I will be able to house in the new apartment which, according to the powers that be, will be ready in the first quarter of next year. I AM NOT READY.

I have shredded all the old financial records and used paper and I can actually see the floor of my study again - and the bookshelves are half empty. The next job is the storeroom/laundry and although it will be a hassle it will not be emotional and I cleared it all ten years ago when I had the house painted so it will not be too bad. I just have to be firm with myself and get rid of the stuff. There is a council collection in November and I can put out any junk I have left.

I have been good about exercising and have bought myself a new pedometer but am having problems adjusting it as it seems to read either high or low so I have put it back to the default setting and at least I will have a comparison and some sort of a record. I'll do the WII a couple of times per week because I was amazed at just how fit it kept me after I hurt my hip and couldn't walk distances any more.

I phoned Big Sis today but received no reply so she was either out, ill or dead. We are not a very close family and last time she ended up in hospital on life support it took the authorities five days to find out who her family were.

CYNOPHOBIA [n] The morbid dread of dogs. Condition of cats and postmen.

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