Saturday, April 28, 2012

CAT Scans

D2's cat, Hibou, has lymphoma.  He was looking off colour and vomiting quite a lot so she took him to the vet who referred him on to a veterinary oncologist for a CT scan and blood tests.  He has had biopsies as well and the cancer is in his liver so he started chemotherapy last week.  Yesterday and the day before I had to go and give him cortisone tablets as D2 was attending a conference in Melbourne.  He seemed fine on Friday and was spending his time with a neighbour so he had company.  But yesterday he looked miserable, wasn't eating and his fur was coming out although D2 says that is just that he needs grooming.  He also needed his claws clipped as he understandably took great umbrage at an almost stranger invading his home and shoving pills down his throat.

Anyway, it bothered me that he looked as though he was feeling awful so I went back and gave him some anti-nausea stuff.  By the time D2 arrived back last night he was eating again and she was just about to clip his claws.  Hopefully, as a doctor, D2 knows what she is doing but I would be very reluctant to put a loved and loving cat through what he is having to endure.

My two babies are well and growing fast. I thought that they were quite big until I picked up Hibou; he is huge.  Poppy is sleek and very oriental in shape but I am afraid that Parsifal is looking quite porky.  I may have to stop the food browsing which is a pity because Poppy is doing well on it.  They get a small serve of mushy stuff morning and night, more as a treat than anything else as I prefer them to have dry kibble for the sake of their teeth.  I recommended their favourite mush to D2 and Hibou likes it as well so when he is eating he is getting that along with kibble.

The weather seems to be finally breaking and we had quite a lot of rain last night.  The days are still warm but the nights are getting chilly and the kittens creep into bed with me in the morning.  They have learnt that I do not welcome them when I am trying to get to sleep because I am very restless and it is difficult trying to dodge around them: but I love having them in with me in the mornings  -  they are warm and cuddly and it is like old times.

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