Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bowing out ...

Last night, during my yoga practice I finally managed to do the Camel pose so my big toe joint is stretching out.  Along with the Bow position my hip flexors are well and truly stretched out and recovered from the spider bites.  My hips are not too keen on the cross-legged triangular stretch (double pigeon) but we are getting back there slowly.

Himself and I each had only one client today.  Mine wanted to log in to Weight Watchers to claim a discount but had been unable to manage it so we did that, closed multiple pages of Skype and ascertained that Westnet had not properly sorted her email out.  I found when we closed Windows Live Messenger that we had somehow logged into Google Chrome so that may have been the problem with her email.  I think that her husband has been playing around with her computer. Himself  and his client are struggling with Windows 8 which is not properly set up and since he knows nothing about Windows 8 he is struggling a bit.

I have started spinning my Rosewood and will post a picture when I take a better one than I did yesterday.  The colours are beautiful  -  pink, mushroom and brown.  I should get seven 220gm skeins -  enough to knit almost anything.  The first three braids of Twilight arrived yesterday along with a box of eight pigtails so that I can finish off spinning those, and Greenwoodfiberworks says that she has a few plaits of Cupcake left if I would like a couple and that it will become a standard colourway soon.

This is the Rosewood.  Click on the picture to enlarge it.

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