Monday, December 5, 2016

I have finished the front of the latest sweater

Yesterday I finished knitting the front of the 'petal soft' sweater which is anything but soft.  I have named the project Chunderup which probably only Western Australians will fully understand but chunder is as good old Aussie word. 

The back is very ugly but lifted a bit by the star which I placed between my shoulder blades and the front has actually been enhanced by a line of diamonds knitted up the front and finished, by some sort of miracle  -  certainly not by my maths  -  with the point of the last diamond coinciding with the point of the V-neck.  The sleeves will be basically pink but I have quite a lot of the grey left so will randomly decorate the sleeves.  At the moment I am drawing out a chart for a rose to go on one of the sleeves and I am not sure how I will decorate the other one.  I have finally learnt to knit from charts so the world is my mollusc [thank you Terry Pratchett].

COTA is over for the year and I have spat the dummy regarding their ever-moving feast which is their  Christmas party.  So far there have been three different dates and it has really messed up my arrangements so I am not going, preferring to join my knitting group instead.  I have decided to continue teaching next year, at least to begin with and see how I go with COTA's newly organised space and the state of their computers.

I have been having fun with my Acer laptop which Techie installed Classic Shell onto.  No-one uses Classic Shell so I decided to remove it and revert it to Win 8.1.  That was OK but when I tried to do a virus scan I found that the preinstalled MacAfee would not let me use AVG or Windows Defender and MacAfee was out of date and wanted money.  I tried to remove it but it refused to budge and, in desperation I asked Google for an opinion.  Google sent me to a site which said "Ah, I see that you have a preinstalled version of MacAfee which you want to uninstall.  Here is how to do it."  So I followed the prompts and it finally allowed itself to be removed.

The computer is now running a great deal faster after a scan which removed over 800 oddments.  There seems to be a great deal of stuff loaded which I have no idea about so I must ask either SIL or Techie and maybe I will end up with a useable laptop.  Not sure about its battery though ...


  1. Are you living under a rock? Everyone intelligent uses Classic Shell and all the dumb people use the stock interface. It's like IE vs Chrome.

  2. I know that but I teach computer and all my clients have Windows 10 at the moment with an occasional Win 8.1.

    Classic shell was really slowing down the laptop which it was on so I removed it and it now runs much faster.

    Are you calling me dumb? I resent that ...