Sunday, August 6, 2017


The last week has been abnormally cold with the temperature plummeting to 1 degree Centigrade.  For two nights I warmed up my bed with a heated throw and then decided that the time has come to buy myself an electric blanket.  Electric blankets have advanced since last I owned one; I can now do a quick pre-heat after which it turns itself off which suits me fine as I usually prefer to sleep cold.  But it is nice to get into a warm bed.

I have oiled and sorted my treadle spinning wheel which has been sitting idle since Herself died.  Since I mostly now use Ertoel Roberta, my electric spinner, poor Ertoel Emma has mostly been ignored except when Herself and I did spinning demonstrations for little Grade I children who  probably think that milk comes in plastic bottles and sweaters magically appear in shops.

At the moment I am using up some rolags which I produced on my blending board but the pressure is on to knit beanies for the homeless who are sleeping rough so I am using up my scraps and since I have been told that most of them like colourful beanies I am letting my hair down and adding stripes from the scraps which are too short for whole beanies.

There are three of us knitting beanies in my knitting group.  They are simple to knit and there is not much can go wrong even if we spend most of our time talking  -  so knit nothing complicated which might have to be undone later.  It is a great group where we share our skills and are happy to give advice if someone is having a problem.

My Ex and Wife-in-law are both in hospital at the moment.  Wife-in-law had untreated cellulitis and needed help to get around.  Ex tried to help her and lost consciousness three times so they were both shipped off the Charlies.  D2 has organised them into a private hospital where Ex can be treated by his own cardiologist and W-I-law can have her cellulitis treated.

Nobody knows
How cold my toes
How cold my toes
Are growing.*

A A Milne

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