Thursday, April 23, 2009

Today was only a two-star day

Today was 'one of those days'. Thursday is Computer Lounge day and I had assumed that I would be having the same clients as last week since they usually book for four straight weeks; but no! I had three new clients and the last one for the day, whom I actually did see last week, cancelled. So I got off an hour early.

Himself asked me to chase up his International Drivers' License progress but the RAC was all full up and I had to leave a message with a robot. The person I needed to speak to has phoned back but hasn't received the paperwork so nothing can be done at this stage. She will phone again tomorrow to let me know if the paperwork has arrived but it was sent last Friday, express mail.

I tried to phone my stockbroker but was faced with another robot - this one expendable as the rest of the staff were doing a fire drill. He will check on my problems and get back to me tomorrow.

Tomorrow Rosemary2 is coming to coffee so I'll probably roll up the Persian and make a cake. I don't want cake crumbs on the Persian ...

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