Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine fever

Today I had my annual flu injection but nearly had to pay for it. I was supposed to replace the serum Iused but when the pharmacist tried to charge me I complained that I was over 'a certain age' when, of course, it is free - one of the few benefits of getting older - from the government. The pharmacist was trying to be helpful, telling me to drink orange juice (gives me hives) and take echinacea, which, from memory isn't the best thing for me either. I've never had a reaction to the flu vaccine so I assume that it will be no different this time. I can't imagine what a combination of echinacea and orange juice would do to me ...

The news is full of the 'pandemic' caused by the swine flu with the media giving it a great deal of air time. I'm not sure if it is a ploy to make us think that there is something worse than a few hundred refugees arriving in small boats, with our fearless leader telling us not to panic and that the government is doing everything to prevent it getting into Australia. I believe that seven people have been diagnosed with it here already. At least it seems to be killing (in Mexico only at this stage) the young and fit, which lets me out.

[message to self - go for a morning walk along the sea front and breathe in all that ozone].

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