Saturday, May 2, 2009

Has our Government gone crazy?

Kevin Rudd's government is starting to seriously scare me. We have already been told that the budget, which comes out this month, will be $50 billion in deficit and now our Kev is going to spent "hundreds of billions of dollars over the next 20 years" on boy toys for the armed forces. How are we going to pay for it?? Raising taxes, of course. The armed forces have been told to save $20 billion to help pay for their toys but there is still going to be a huge amount for the taxpayers to fork out.

Peter Costello is lurking in the wings and I suspect that as soon as the 'feelgood' reaction to all the money which has been thrown at the middle tax-payers [those who have such small incomes that they don't pay any tax didn't get a cent] he will challenge for the Liberal leadership and, please God, he will win the next Federal election before our Kev totally bankrupts the country.

I had a letter from Multiplex this week saying that my apartment will be ready in mid-2011. The first stage will be finished in July and demolition has started to clear the area for the second stage. We will be allowed in to measure up before we move in so that we will know if our furniture fits.

Two Australians have been diagnosed with swine flu but they are in England. Nevertheless, some government people have suggested that we should stock up on basic foodstuffs like bread and baked beans. The panic, created by the media, seems to be dying down and there have only been seven deaths in Mexico and one in USA.

The official finding on the refugee boat which blew up seems to be that it happened while the boat was being refuelled, but the motors were diesel and it seems fairly clear that someone spilled petrol all over the deck; so what was petrol doing on board? It served a purpose though ... all those on board were taken straight to mainland Australia - at great personal expense, though; some of the men were very seriously burned and five died.

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