Monday, May 25, 2009

Money,Money, Money

I have just spent an hour or so counting out my small change into $10 lots to take to the bank before disaster overtakes me and the 5c pieces are withdrawn. I still have some loose change but have bagged $80 which I will be glad to get rid of. There have been some protests about withdrawing the 5c pieces from circulation because of rounding up and down but I figure that it all evens out eventually and the 5c pieces are totally undesirable as they take up space and are pretty useless; what can you buy for 5c these days???

We have had a couple of very cold days but today was nice and sunny and I got my washing dry so I'm not complaining about the weather this time.

I drove over to the Self's place for dinner last night and every time I approached a red light my car sounded an alarm which was quite deafening. I hadn't noticed it before and thought that it was maybe one of the fancy beeps which I seem to be constantly discovering in the car. But it didn't do it on the way home and it didn't do it today so presumably it was just something getting bitter and twisted in the works. It is due for its second service in July so I will mention it then and they can check it out. I also tried turning on the cruise control but immediately hit a red light and had to brake so it automaticallay switched off again. *sigh* One day I'll actually find out how it works. I must ask D3 - she drove Second Wife's car for a while and it had cruise control so she probably knows.

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