Sunday, May 3, 2009

He who dies with the most toys wins ...

Opinion on the ABC news page seems to think that all that defense spending is necessary so I guess that is the general consensus among the reading classes. The exception was one poster who suggested that we only need to protect 15% of our coastline, to the north, unless we should be worrying about the Imperialist Emperor Penguins to the south.

The uproar about the swine flu is settling which is a GOOD THING because I decided to do my bit to buy in some iron rations in preparation for the siege, so I went to the local health food shop and asked if they sold green lentils, only to be told that they only had dried ones. *sigh* and I am almost out of them. Not sure where I bought them originally so I'll have to keep a lookout and buy up when I find some. Obviously they are not a stock item here in the West. I must ask D2 - she uses them too.

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