Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I finally ran green lentils to earth ...

I found my green lentils at the local fresh food market which has a very good specialty and continental section. [Note to self: try the caramel and salt chocolate]

The Selfs will be back from overseas late this afternoon and as I will be at the Computer Lounge tomorrow I have suggested that Himself should meet me there when I finish and come back with me on the train to pick up his car. I washed the cars again over the weekend and his black one is dusty already but that can't be helped; I am not going to wash it again. I just hope that it runs. I have been very bad about taking it for a run to keep it turning over - the gas conversion makes me feel uncomfortable even though it is supposed to run perfectly well on petrol.

I am not sure what is going to happen at the computer lounge. Himself usually does Thursday mornings but The Doctor is trying to stake a claim as he prefers Thursdays to Mondays. However, it is not my problem so the men can fight it out between themselves.

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