Thursday, May 21, 2009

Altogether too much of a good thing

Winter seems to have hit with a vengeance today. Not that it was at all cold but the wind was nasty and there was a lot of rain. Of course, it had to be the day I go into town to teach at the computer lounge. The wind blew down a few trees over the overhead cable for the trains and the Fremantle Line was shut down this afternoon. Instead we had to catch a bus and considering how long the train is, to send one very old, rather small bus was not good organisation. Not everyone at my stop managed to get on but I squeezed myself in and was thumped by the door every time it opened. That was better than being left standing waiting for the next bus whenever it turned up. The bus took ages; it was slow and we managed to catch ever single red light so that I didn't get home until 4.00pm. However, the driver was cheerful and unfazed about having to wait while people struggled forward to get off.

As expected, with the dire weather forecasts, both The Doctor's and my first two clients didn't turn up so we sat and chatted until lunch time, whereupon my first afternoon client arrived 45 minutes early, so she had to wait while The Doctor and I had our lunch. She hasn't a computer and wants to learn to use one before she buys herself one but unless she can practise she will not get very far. I told her that if she was definitely going to get a laptop then she should do it now. She had great difficulty in following instructions and then tried to pursuade me that it would be more convenient for her if she could start her lesson at noon. I said that it was my lunch time and suggested that she should bring a book ...

The only good thing about the weather today is that it is supposed to be worse tomorrow.

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