Monday, May 18, 2009

Rain at last ... ?????????

It actually rained for about 30 minutes this morning and now it is bright, warm sun again. As soon as the rain stopped I went out and 'wettasoiled' the whole front garden. I had the Wettasoil all ready and waiting because the bottle says that after treating the soil one should water it in. Hopefully we will get some more rain to do that for me. The forecast is heavy rain and thunderstorms tomorrow and more rain for the rest of the week. But I am not holding my breath ... the Met. bureau has been predicting rain on and off for weeks. They probably have a book running on who gets it right.

I had my hair cut this morning. Mr Scissorhand has himself a nice setup with his new salon about five minutes walk from his home. Hopefully he will stay around for a while now that he is married and has become a householder. His flits to other parts of the world is the reason he did hair-dressing in the first place but when he absents himself for two or three years I have to find someone else until he comes back again. I have been following him around Perth for about 25 years now; on and off ... He is back to cutting the whole family's hair again now that D3 and GB2 are back with him.

There are some fairly major roadworks at the end of the street at the moment and I had to take a detour to get to Scissorhand's place. Even then I was faced with a lollipop lady. From the pegs which went in last week I think that they are rounding off the corners of the intersection. Hopefully they are not going to put in yet another roundabout as we already have several within the short stretch to the beach and it is going to make the opposite corner difficult as it is steep and badly banked. Now that the Ds no longer go to kindergarten I don't have to negotiate it but I always found it a hard one as there is a stop sign and steep hill start. For me it will be downhill and beat all the other cars into the intersection. Vrooooooom!

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