Friday, May 15, 2009

Loving families

Yesterday I was contacted by a half third cousin who had discovered my family tree on the internet. He is descended from my great-great grandfather's first wife and I am descended from the second wife. But it gets a bit more complicated than that; funny goings on in a respectable family. A grand-daughter of the first wife married a nephew of the second wife. Not incestuous at all but when I first started to try to work out the rather tortuous relationship it certainly looked that way. To make matters worse, the nephew's sister married her deceased aunt's husband (not my great-great grandmother but one of her sisters) ... illegal in Australia so they had to go to America to be married. One of her descendants told me that she wore him out within the year, married again and had a family.

The most distant relative who has contacted me is a fifth cousin. One of the prolific Pidwells, of course. I have a huge family tree from American and Canada and another one from New Zealand as well as the family tree from Rhoda Pidwell who emigrated to Australia and from whom I am descended. She was one of my great-great grandmothers. It was her brother who went to Canada and then to America. The New Zealand branch goes back even further to one of Rhoda's cousins.

The Selfs arrived back a couple of nights ago and yesterday Himself picked up his car which, fortunately started straight away. I was a bit concerned because I had hardly driven it at all and was concerned that the battery might have gone flat. The battery on Herself's car did go flat but that wasn't my problem; it was farmed out to another friend.

Today is cold and sunny and I have been progressively putting on more clothes as the day goes on. Still no sign of rain and it will be winter in two weeks. Himself's car was dusty again. It needs to rain ...

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