Friday, May 8, 2009

Runtime Errors

I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon on the phone to Trend Micro. Yesterday morning I started getting 'Runtime Error' messages every time I opened Outlook Express and it was starting to annoy me so I took the error message at its word and contacted Trend Micro. The first person I talked to said that he needed to put me on hold to check something out but gave me the job number 'just in case something happened' ... which it did! I was disconnected.

I phoned back, armed with the job number, and spoke to a different person who really didn't know why I was getting the messages. So we tried uninstalling TM and re-installing it. Still I received error messages so she also said that she needed to check on something. I told her not to put me on hold. She eventually came back and said that there was a patch for the problem and she would email it to me and then talk me through installing it. She did that; Still the error messages!

At this stage she said that she really didn't know what else to do and she would send me another email with instructions for me to extract some log files to send her so that the TM team could examine them to find out what was going on. At this stage I decided to phone Techie but got his message bank. He didn't phone back which is starting to be par for the course with him anyway so I didn't have any unreal expectations that he would come and fix the problem.

Then faint memories of this having happened before started to seep into my mind and I noticed TM's shiny new toolbar which had installed itself yesterday morning. Hmmmmm ... I disabled it and guess what !!!!!! No more runtime errors. So I have a toolbar which I can't find a way of uninstalling and which I don't want and which, from memory, didn't ever work anyway. End of problem ...

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  1. Hello Minnie,

    That sounds frustrating but funny. I really enjoy computers but they have put a few silver threads among the gold of my hair.

    I decided to give the blog thing a try. I'm not sure how long I will stay with it because my attention span is getting shorter and shorter. ;-)