Thursday, May 21, 2009

Winter is definitely here at last

I went for my morning walk along the seafront this morning and realised just how sheltered my house is from the fury of the gale. It hit me as I topped the last ridge before the beach and almost blew me over backwards. I had problems keeping my feet on the path as the gale was coming from the side and kept blowing me across and onto the grass; the tide was right up and there was no beach ... the waves were crashing over the path below the Indiana Tearooms. There was one brave (or foolhardy) swimmer and three board riders out braving the very rough sea with its crashing waves - a far cry from the usually quiet pre-seabreeze ocean.

The "iconic" pylon, which Our Colin is about to waste $125,000.00 in an attempt to repair it, was almost covered by the high seas and the waves crashing across it had pushed the pole on the top to what looked like an unsustainable angle. It would be better to spend Our Kev's money on something more useful like bicycle paths.

We have had quite a lot of rain and the temperature is dropping. It looks as though I can pack away my summer clothes at last.

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