Monday, May 4, 2009

Well, well, well !!

The letter which I wrote to WA Newspapers on 17th April was published in today's 'Letters to the Editor' and I received a call from a man in Dalwallinu who was so impressed that he decided to tell me so in person. I was touched and pleased ... especially since I had expected flak.

I spent the morning cleaning my study in the faint hope that I wouldn't sneeze quite so much when I am at my computer. I must admit to slacking off with the bookshelves and CDs - only doing a quick dust instead of pulling everything out and doing a proper job. Maybe another time when I am not about to haul out most of the furniture and fittings in order to vacuum properly.

Now that I have finally got my bookshelves under control it will be easier to clean in the future but there are still books which I will probably have to get rid of. Yesterday I took a load to the 'Save the Children Fund' op shop in Mosman Park. One of the Librarians at the Cottesloe Library told me that they have a table out the back of the shop, in the car park, and he always leaves his spare books there. I hope that they enjoy my selection; there were some very good books among the lot but I can't take every book I own with me - I need to be able to fit them all into my current bookshelves . The next job will be my cookery books! Maybe the Ds might like to have a look through them first.

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