Thursday, February 11, 2010

Don't fence me in

I am having a really interesting and eye-opening time trying to get viable quotes for the dividing fence.

First of all was the man who assured me that he could do any clearing of vegetation, deal with the electrics and told me that Colorbond was cheaper than Pinelap. He isn't in the phone book but is in the online yellow pages so he has some credibility ... except ... he uses a yahoo mail address, his quote was extremely undetailed and he put the price of Colorbond higher than pinelap. Hmmm - may be trying to break into the fencing business and is starting small but I'd hate to pay him a 50% deposit and have him do a runner. He has much to learn about quoting.

Then there was the man who said that he could give me a quote over the phone and asked me what was the lowest quote which I had received so far, so that he could come in lower. I have nothing on paper from him and he hasn't looked at the problems on the site - yet!

I emailed the fencer who gave a quote to Him-next-door last September who claimed that his 30 day quote was still valid but I've emailed him and asked for an up-to-date quote for the insurance companies and could he add his price for Colorbond. No reply from him so far.

And lastly the one who came this morning; only does wood and brush fences; said Colorbond is not suitable for this suburb but looked closely at the shonky electrics next door and said that a water and powerline search would be needed; prepared to give a separate quote for clearing the fenceline next door; said that it would be easier to work from my side; and would send around a carpenter to quote to build me a matching pool pumphouse after the fence is replaced. Also noted the position of the power points and the outside toilet. So far he has my vote.

Himself says that there is a fencer living around the corner from him and that he seems to be good at his work. He will find out the man's phone number so that I can contact him. That would be good because no-one seems to come recommended so far.

Your cyberflirt hint for the day?

Always take a list of prepared questions into a private chat room.

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