Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Him Next-door arrived home earlier than I had expected and suggested that, as our both Insurance Companies had said that they would pay half the cost of the quote, we should go ahead as soon as possible, which meant NOW as he would be here for about a week and could clear away all the debris etc on his side of the fence. I gave him my favoured quote and he went straight away and phoned the company of choice and arranged for them to start next Tuesday and to continue the fence right to the back fence which means that he has a lot of fittings and fitments to remove as well as all the greenery.

I phoned up to check that the arrangement I had made that my pool pump switches should be left in situ was still in order, which it is, so all I have to do now is to clear the little tool-shed at the back - mainly old paint cans which I have never got around to throwing out. I have also agreed to pay the 50% deposit and Him Next-door will pay the rest. Hopefully the quote, along with the receipt, will be enough for the Insurance Company but it is not a huge sum of money anyway. The payoff is probably that the contractor will send along a carpenter to build a new pool shed which is fine by me as I had intended to replace it when the fence was up - so that it will match for when I sell the property.

I feel a little bit bewildered; the fence saga has gone on for so long that I can't believe that it is going to be so simple after all.

And now your Cyberflirt hint for the day:

You must sign in with an ISP

I would have thought that was obvious - unless you use an internet cafe ...

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