Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hopefully the last of the fence

The fence finally went up last week and I now also have a new pool pump-house which matches the fence and looks very smart; not difficult since it was pretty ramshackle and I was only waiting to get it fixed when I knew what the fence would be like.

It all happened in rather a rush. I got some quotes and was waiting for the only fencer who had actually been recommended (he didn't turn up so probably a good thing that I didn't wait for him). Anyway, Him Nextdoor arrived home and came in to see what I had been doing. I recommended the one which I thought was the best quote (a man named Mints - English, very large, very black and absolutely charming) and Him Nextdoor grabbed the quote and said "Lets do it" went off and organised Mints and an extra two metres so that the fence went right to the back boundary.

They arrived on time and worked in 42ÂșC heat and had it done in two days. The pool shed took another day and now my auto pool heater isn't being auto any more and someone is coming to fix that, hopefully this coming week. In the meantime it works on manual so I don't have to swim in cold water.

Now I have to tackle the Insurance Company. I phoned two days ago and found myself talking to Tasmania who transferred me to Melbourne who said that someone would phone me back yesterday - but they didn't. This is a service which boasts that it processes claims 24/7. Now it is weekend so I'll have to start again on Monday. It will not be the end of the world if the Insurance Company refuses to pay but when I move house I'll change to the people who insure my car.

I feel that I must report that the unicorn and the Siamese kitten are well and spend most of their time happily sleeping; Not a green nose in sight.

Instead of a cyberflirt hint today I would like to share a slogan on a T-shirt being sold online:

"I was an atheist until I realised that I was God."

... and I'd like to recommend and one of their groups - The Happy Heathens. They are very funny ...

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