Friday, March 19, 2010

Boy-cat and vintage cars

Boy-cat is in hospital at the moment while everyone holds their breath and waits for him to pee. I took him along this morning together with the contents of the puddles on the floor - two separate samples. Dr Dave tested the newest one and said that it had the chemical consistency of distilled water and that if it really was pee then Boy-cat probably had diabetes insipidus which is easy to treat in dogs and people but never been heard of in cats.

The second sample yielded up a few white blood cells which Dr Dave said could have come off the floor. True - but that particular bit of floor has been washed a number of times. So now we just have to wait and he is capable of hanging on for 24 hours if the alternative is having to use a litter tray. I'll bring him home tomorrow regardless, and if he hasn't peed by then I will just have to follow him around with a dish and try to catch him in the act. Dr Dave and Dr Yoko have even gone so far as to postulate him carrying mouthfuls of water from his bowl to the puddle point ...

D2's 1965 Porsche has arrived from Melbourne and we have all been invited around to pat it tomorrow. She can't drive it yet because it hasn't been registered and it will be about four weeks before that can happen. However, she obtained a special license to drive it home because the Porsche people are finding it a distraction and there really isn't room for it. Would you believe that she "took a wrong turning" and managed to lose herself on the way home. She said that she didn't lose herself so much that it would look suspicious if she was picked up but she has been so excited about it and was desperate to drive it. It is going to be a very conspicuous car so she will be noticed when she has it on the road.

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  1. Minnie, I very sorry to hear about your cat.