Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stormy weather

Yesterday afternoon Perth had a really severe storm. At about 3.00pm it was almost dark and at about 4.00pm all hell broke loose. For over an hour we had almost continuous thunder and lighning which flickered all around with forks coming down at odd intervals. With that came very heavy rain and hail. I was sheltered from the wind which reached over 100kph so I was lucky, but suburbs are blacked out and several schools were closed today. Streets were running rivers and cars were broken down throughout the city. D2 said that it took her over an hour to drive the couple of km from her work to her home. The drought has broken with a vengeance but the forecast if for more dry weather.

Boy-cat sat on my lap for the duration and except for a couple of very loud, very close, claps of thunder when he jumped, he bore it very well. Not so D2's cat. She had left all her sliding doors open and when her neighbour went in to rescue the cat he was cowering under the bed, which was wet, as was the floor, with potplants tossed around and pictures flapping. The kind neighbour rescued the cat and closed all the sliding doors. A nice neighbour to have.

I have hot water in the house again but now I have to have the pool heater controls replaced since the sensor no longer works and the unit is so old that there is no replacement part available. I suppose that this is going to be the story of my life for the next 18 months until I sell the house.

Boy-cat did a huge pee in the kitchen so I have rubbed some citronella onto the doors and moved one of his food bowls into the area. Now the whole house smalls of citronella which is a horrible smell. He is fast running out of brownie points: We are not amused.

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