Monday, March 29, 2010

Egg on my face

After crawling around the kitchen and laundry floors with a spirit level, lifting the vinyl and generally proving to myself that the puddles on the kitchen floor could only have come from Boy-cat, I shut the kitchen door the other night, put his food and water in the family room and denied him access for the night. Lo and behold, next morning there was another puddle.

It had to be the fridge, so I put a towel along side it on the floor and sure enough, it became damp. The fridge is not dripping into the drip tray and I am going to have to pull it away from the wall again and remove the back so that I can see what is going on with it.

Meanwhile, Boy-cat is enjoying the extra attention which I have been giving him, is eating better since he came home from hospital, is growing his winter coat and really looking very sleek and healthy. Bless him! Now that the mornings are getting cooler he comes into bed with me at some stage in the night and I wake up with a warm bundle curled up against me. I am going to find it hard to give him up but his refusal to use a litter tray and his enjoyment of the garden and lying in the sun (my apartment will face south and there will be very little sun) make me feel that it would not be wise to try to take him. D1 has suggested a sandpit and that is an option but it would have to be filled with clumping litter and I am not sure that he would use it. However, it is a thought ...

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