Saturday, April 3, 2010

Unitarian Jihad Name Generator

Yesterday I pulled the fridge away from the wall, took off its back and vacuumed it within an inch of its life. Hopefully it will work better now. Last night I was a bit concerned because it seemed to be running almost all the time but today it has settled down and I think perhaps that one of the doors may not have been properly closed.

I spent yesterday afternoon at reading the book reviews for this book:

... which are very funny, and the reviews for the "People who bought this book also bought" products. It is also worth looking at a few pages inside the book. It is self-published, of course and costs almost $140.

The URL was posted on the site by one of the Happy Heathens. They are a very funny group and I enjoy their posts more than those of another group called The Pedants Corner who are frighteningly intelligent and delve into the intricies of English Grammer. I thought that I had mastered English Grammar but this lot are scary.

The Happy Heathens also posted the link to a Unitarian Jihad Name Generator and I shall endeavour to post the widget here:

My Unitarian Jihad Name is:

Sister Incendiary Grenade of Reasoned Forgiveness.

Get yours.

I rather fancy the name - one is given a choice.

The only other thing of note which has happened here is that the pool heater has broken down again, this time for good, I suspect ... but yesterday the weather turned cold so I won't be swimming again until next summer which gives me plenty of time to get it all fixed.

Next summer will be my last spent in this house. I have lived here since 1964 and since I was able to renovate it to my liking it has been a happy, comfortable house and I shall miss it. However, I am looking forward to moving to Claremont where I will have the train line on one side, the bus route on the other and almost 200 shops just an elevator's ride below me. And river views ...

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