Sunday, March 21, 2010

Boy-cat is home again

Boy-cat came home after 36 hours in hospital waiting for him to pee. He did a large one overnight but missed the litter tray so eventually Doctor Yoko had to untrasound his bladder and put a needle in.

The results show that his kidney function is marginally better than the last time it was checked so the special stuff he is eating now is obviously working, and there is no sign of diabetes of any sort, thank goodness. Basically, he is as healthy as could be expected considering that he is almost 16 years old.

So the fence is sorted and the cat is sorted ... now it is the hotwater. Yesterday morning I realised that the valve which opens to allow the overheated, overflow water to run out has gone yet again, allowing the tank to flow through and since it was a weekend I have had to turn off the water to the solar system and my two options are cold showers or a bucket wash which I have done before on numerous occasions and which work well. So it is cold showers in the morning and a bucket wash at night. I could turn the hot water back on again while I shower but that is a terrible waste of water and we are in drought at the moment.

I used to have a cold shower every morning when I was at boarding school because the boilers were not stoked until 6.00am which is when us seniors had to get up. The water was never more than lukewarm and in winter I used to come out shivering. I figured that with cold water at least I would be glowing by the end so I used to go in tummy first to get over the shock faster - and it was a shock; Adelaide in midwinter is very cold and so was the water. However, I did come out glowing and as an extra bonus I found that I no longer caught colds. Science has finally caught up with me on this one and discovered that cold showers strengthen the immune system.

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