Sunday, December 12, 2010

My house has been taken over by Christmas elves

I haven't had the heart to add to this blog since Boy-cat died but so much has been happening that I am going to lose count of what is going on if I don't get it down in cyberland.

Firstly, my hip, which I injured last year, flared up again and having it re-injected with cortisone didn't help so I had it done again under ultrasound which has been moderately effective but not perfect. Before the second injection I was on crutches which is very limiting so I tended to sit around and feel miserable. However, that is pretty futile so I went to see my physiotherapist who has given me some exercises to do to build up my gluteal muscles on the right side to make up for the fact tht there is one less muscle in working order on that side.

Then there was the estate agent!

The date when the house is to be put onto the market seems to be creeping closer and closer to the first week in January as he gets things organised. He gave me a lecture on the psychology of screwing the last possible cent out of any hopeful buyer who puts a hand up and it is really quite scary. Fine for the seller but the buyers should never be told these things or they would opt to rent instead.

Anyway, on Friday morning (today is Monday), at 7.30am the elves arrived to tidy and polish the house and garden. The garden has been raked, weeded and mulched within an inch if its life and actually looks very nice ... except that leaves are already falling onto the mulch and there is no way I am going to go around and pick up every individual leaf.

Now they have started pressure washing the walls of the house and i have been rushing around with a towel trying to catch the drips before they destroy the curtains and carpets. Opening the curtains seems to have modified the spraying, at least around the windows and I hope that they will be careful up in the eaves because I don't want the ceilings to fall in.

All is well - the chief elf is here ...

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