Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Peace, perfect peace

No elves today so I went out and trimmed the coprosmas in front of the front room which were pressing hard against the wall and totally blocking the window. The head elf is going to have a fit when he sees it - I cut it back hard but not as hard as I would have liked because the two bushes were getting very straggly and untidy. Now the wall will have to be polished - it is very grubby.

Then I gave a haircut to the creepers on the outside of the back fence. Much easier to do it now while the honeysuckle is tender. I didn't cut it right back to the fence as I usually do in May or June and hopefully I won't be here when that needs to be done.

I lived on chicken broth and lemon jelly today and both Oldest Friend and himself dropped in so we drank Iranian tea which is quite sweet and doesn't need milk, which I am not allowed at the moment.

Tomorrow I go into hospital to be prepared for my colonoscopy and hopefully I'll be home again on Thursday in the late afternoon.

D1 is arriving on Friday evening and is being collected by D2 so I don't have to drive out to the airport and attempt to park there. The treadle sewing machine is being collected on Tuesday by D3's niece who wants if for some reason so I need something to put the TV onto. D1 can help me to shop. D2 is taking the worm farm when there are enough of us to pack it up and transport it.

It is all go and I am still not sure when I will be moving and exactly when Mr Realty is putting the house on the market. The oven is being cleaned on 10th January so hopefully it will be after that.

Hopefully Himself will take the chainsaw, the hedgecutters and the mulcher and then I will have to wait until I can measure up the apartment before I will be able to decide which pieces of furniture will be coming with me and which will have to be sold.

I am so glad that Boy-cat is not here to see his garden and his house so disrupted; he would have hated it.

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