Thursday, November 29, 2012

Where there's smoke ...

We had much excitement last night when, in the midst of late-night shopping, the fire alarms went off and orders came over the loud speakers to evacuate the centre.

I bundled the babies in to the kitty carriage and took them down the lift  -  contra-indicated in case of fire but no-one had suggested a fire at that stage.  However, soon after we hit the street the fire engines rolled up, blazing red and blue flashing lights and with sirens going full blast.  No-one seemed to know what the problem was and I still don't know if there was a fire or just a false alarm but eventually the all-clear sounded and we sheepishly returned to whatever we had been doing.

As soon as I started wheeling the babies in the kitty carriage I realised that the tyres were flat but didn't have time to pump them up so this morning I collected my bike pump and discovered that not only were the valves badly angled but my bike has schrader valves and the kitty carriage has presta so the pump didn't fit even when I managed to get it through the spokes.  I suspect that the pump could be converted but that didn't make it any easier to attach.

So  -  I removed the wheels and caught the train over to Cottesloe where the man in the bike shop straightened the valves, pumped up the tyres and sold me a pump which, being very small, I can store in the kitty carriage.

I had intended, this morning, to wash my car but there was no water on level 4.  I later discovered that there is a broken pipe out in the street with water bubbling up between the pavers so I assume that is where all the water has gone.  I guess that it will be fixed eventually but I will be going to lunch at the Selfs' on Sunday in a very dusty car.  I don't like using the car-washing area on weekends when there are cars parked close by.

All in all an interesting few hours and the staff of Zoo showed me how to dismantle and fold the kitty carriage if I need to take it in the car.


  1. Hi Minnie/Pink :0)

    I just found you by following the trail from Viewpoints. It's great to see you, and to see that you survived excitement. I'd love to catch up sometime!

  2. Hi Aravis - I still have a link to Viewpoints and saw that you posted recently with an invitation to "friend' you at FB. Much as I dislike the place it has its uses and I have sent you a friend request. Hopefully you will recognise my avatar even if you don't recognise my real name. I'd love to keep in contact with you and the guys at Viewpoints. Maybe Ponder can be enticed across. :)