Saturday, November 10, 2012

What the butler saw

Sydney was fun; the long-haul plane rides in cattle class weren't.  

The hotel "upgraded" me to a horrible little room with twin beds and I fell out whenever I turned over but D2 had a chat with the concierge the next day and I found myself in  a four-room suite for the second night.  Very nice.  I have upgraded myself to a "Delux King" room for the trip to Adelaide next month for the family re-union.

Talking to Bro at D1's birthday dinner I realised that there was a lot of contemporary history about the family which he didn't know so I am going to try to get it down in writing so that the wild stories which I was brought up on will not happen in the next generation.  He is several years younger than me and a lot of the goings-on would have gone over his head; best to record it or it will all be forgotten.

I am not quite sure where to start; I guess that I should work through person by person.  Some of the stuff is on my web page but that is mostly the wild stories, not the information about the marriages and divorces, law suits and property division  -  things which I assumed that Bro would know about.  I'll probably start with Uncle Dud, my grandfather's twin brother and work out from there to Great great Uncle Charles and all his works  -  the ultimate money launderer who lost his position as mayor of Adelaide because he was in jail cracking rocks and missed two council meetings without just cause.  I must learn how to copy the information on the National Archives web site for details.  My mother's family really were a shady lot; my father's family were respectable for the most part.

In Sydney, D3 and I visited the Hedrena shop in the foyer of the Wentworth Hotel where we stayed and bought a lot of clothes and again sorted out sizing so that we can buy online.  Then we spent the rest of the morning doing retail therapy at a spectacles shop, shopped for shoes and then dressmaking fabrics.

After lunch we inspected D1's new apartment which is lovely but much smaller than mine.  That night was the birthday dinner and I finished off with a decaf coffee affogato with drambuie; memorable ...

On Sunday morning I met up with Cousin H. and her daughter and in the afternoon we all congregated at D1's place for a party for her friends before flying back to Perth.

The kittens arrived home the next day but will be off to boarding school again in about four weeks for a short weekend stay. I spent some time this morning retrieving all their rubber balls from under the spare bed after which they exhausted themselves and are now asleep.  The balls are probably back under the bed; that is where they always end up.

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