Friday, October 19, 2012

TV Trauma

My TV, which has been playing up for some time, has been taken away to be fixed.  Because my last one died an early death I actually had the sense to buy an extended warranty for this one so it is covered until 2015.

However, the men sent to collect it had problems finding the place and since the truck they came in was 2.7 metres high, it would not fit into either parking areas and the DJ's Loading Bay refused, quite rightly, to allow them to park there.  Anyway, they finally managed to get here and take the TV away and it will probably be ready next Friday, when I will be on my way to Sydney.

I am going to an all-day seminar at iinet on the next Tuesday and with COTA on Thursday mornings I can see problems ahead.  But maybe they will send it back in a smaller van..

I finally got around to washing the floor of my balcony, something too difficult with all the big pots on it.  Everything there is now readily portable and it all looks so much better and the cats had a lot of fun paddling.

My spell checker has gone crazy.  It is marking properly spelled words as wrong and when I double click it puts in an extra first letter so that I get mmetres and bbalcony.   There must be either solar flares or gremlins. 

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