Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Geraniums Red and Geraniums White

I suddenly started to get fed up with all my scraggy potplants.  Parsifal had eaten, or at least chewed, most of them and had started in on the parsley which was about the only thing doing reasonably well.

So I gave away or uprooted everything except the small Rosemary plant which Himself gave me and which, for some reason, Parsifal passes up so it is flourishing, unlike the Bay Tree which was in a sad state  -  very chewed with multiple holes in all its leaves.

On my wanders around Claremont I chanced on a shop which sells water features and artificial plants so now I have a balcony of pots of red and white geraniums and it looks so much nicer.  I am not sure what will happen when it rains but I'll worry about that when it rains  -  or replace the geraniums if needs be.

We had the annual general meeting of the Council of Owners on Monday evening and I hauled along the nice man from 702 who had a few issues he wanted to discuss but didn't know where the meeting was to be held and his English is a bit iffy as he only stated to speak it at age 50.  It was a good thing I took him along because there was a problem with getting a quorum with much phoning around to see if they could lure one more person in.

Since the rules state that if there is not a quorum the committee has to wait 30 minutes before canceling the meeting, the chairperson suggested that we should have a general discussion and bring up any issues which troubled us.  The meeting became quite lively and when another owner arrived to make the quorum the meeting proceeded with a continuation of the discussion afterwards.  It was all very helpful, hopefully we sorted out a lot of issued and the chairman said afterwards that it was the best and most productive meeting he had chaired.

I took the babies out to the park in the kitty carriage yesterday but neither would get out onto the grass; Parsifal curled up as far from the grass as he could get with his ears back.  He hasn't forgotten the dog, poor little cat.  I'll keep taking them over to the park at odd intervals but will let them decide, in their own time, of they want to explore or just lie in the sun in their carriage.  We don't get sun in the apartment except a bit very early in the morning in summer so I like them to see the sun every so often.

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